How it Works

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Configure and launch your integration marketplace

Upload your logo and choose your color scheme, or build a completely custom design and use our API. Add your pricing rules and submission requirements and you are off to the races!

Customize our hosted marketplace
Build a completely custom marketplace with our API
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Manage third-party developer integrations and app submissions

Make sure you get high quality app submissions by creating checklist items for functionality, security, and compliance. We provide a list of questions for you or you can create your own.

Create checklists for security and compliance
Easily audit app submissions and accept or reject them
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Track your partner integration access and revenue

Allow partners and developers to charge for their apps and take a percentage of the revenue. Track integration usage, behavior, and revenue generated from your marketplace.

Monitor usage and behavior so you know what data your partners want the most.
Track revenue across your marketplace and drill down by partner or app/integration.

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Find out more about how to take your software company to the next level with your very own integration marketplace.

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