Automate Your Dental Practice

Connect your practice management system to all your software so you can save time with automation

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Kolla Integrations Increase your search traffic

Share data between systems

Need to sync data between your PMS and your other software? Kolla Automation Platform can do that for you.

Using a sales CRM for tracking sales? Kolla can update your leads when they schedule an appointment for easy tracking of marketing campaign effectiveness
Want to do advanced analytics for your practice? Sync your PMS data to a data warehouse with our Snowflake connector
Want to see what patient is calling when your phone rings? Use the Dialpad connector to sync contacts.

Save time and money by automating repetitive tasks

Trigger automations based on when your practice management data changes or at a certain time of day

When a patient cancels, auto send them a re-schedule link via text message
At the end of the workday, send each provider a list of patients they injected for easy followup
When a patient is overdue, auto send them a postcard with our Postalytics connector
Kolla Konnect Embedded Integration Management

Pricing Starts At Just $30/mo!

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