Connect to your customers' Dentrix G4 accounts

Connect to your customers' Dentrix G4 accounts and write a Dentrix G4 integration in lightning speed. Kolla provides a self install process for your customers that links their Dentrix G4 account to our secure servers, and then you can connect to your customer's data via our secure proxy.

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Dentrix G4
Connect to your customers' accounts and integrate

Let Kolla manage authentication to your customers Dentrix G4 accounts

We securely store and manage credentials for you
Credentials rotate automatically
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Native integrations FTW!

Don’t get locked into drag and drop UI’s or no-code solutions. Build Exactly what you want with code & Native SDK’s

Even more connectors

Kolla has dozens of pre-built connectors to SaaS & on premise software
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One Unifed API for All Your Integrations

Integrate with dental, vision, chiropractic, automotive service software using one API. Get your product to market 10x faster!

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