Customer software integrations at lightning speed!

Securely manage your integration’s user authentication and login credentials so you can focus on your next business venture.

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Kolla Konnect Integrate Faster

Integrate faster!

Choose from dozens of our pre-built connectors to get you integrated faster. Let us manage the authentication and tokens for you.

Embedded Integration Management

Use the Kolla Web SDK to embed your integrations list right into your software using only a tiny snippet of code

Kolla Konnect Embedded Integration Management
Kolla Konnect Built by engineers- for engineers

Built by engineers- for engineers

No fancy GUIs or Drag-and-drop workflows. Use code to power up your software without the extra mess.
Rather than forcing you to use a proxy, you have other software providers' SDKs at your fingertips.

Token Management as a service

Hassle-free token storage and rotation in our system.
Kolla securely encrypts and stores tokens so that you don’t have to worry
Kolla Konnect Token Management as a service

One Unifed API for All Your Integrations

Integrate with dental, vision, chiropractic, automotive service software using one API. Get your product to market 10x faster!

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