Announcing Kolla

Announcing Kolla

Clint Berry
Clint Berry
March 20, 2023

After a year of development with my co-founder, Jason Newman, and the rest of our small team, I’m thrilled to formally announce the release of Kolla Konnect, an integration platform that helps companies build, distribute and collaborate on custom integrations faster and easier than ever before. 

Not just another IPaaS

Over the last few years, integration platforms as a service (IPaaS) have exploded:

  • Enterprise integration platforms are helping companies build out their internal integrations (e.g., integrating HR processes with Slack). 
  • Embedded integration platforms help companies build customer integrations with no/low code workflow engines (e.g., your customers want your product to integrate with Slack).
  • API management companies help companies build out their developer programs and allow third parties to write integrations with your products.

At Kolla, we offer all of the above, plus opportunities for new streams of revenue. 

Kolla solves developers’ three biggest integration problems

Problem #1: Integrations are time consuming to build and maintain internally

We know the benefits of IPaaS: Companies need a centralized way to connect and manage their ever-growing array of systems and applications. But creating and maintaining such an integration solution often requires a ridiculous amount of customization and coding by a team of experienced engineers. 

Problem #2: Integrations with your customers’ software can have security risks

Any integration can pose a security risk, and data becomes even more vulnerable as the number of integrations increase. These risks include a lack of interoperability between a growing number of security tools, hacked APIs, unauthorized use, non-compliance with industry-standard security guidelines, unintentional human error and more.  

Problem #3: Accepting, promoting and charging for third-party integrations could take months or even years to build

You want your product to be user-friendly for your customers, but building out your developer programs and allowing third parties to write integrations with your product is labor-intensive and time-consuming. 

Kolla’s solution to these problems? 

Simplify building integrations, secure data access and increase third-party integrations with your product—and create new revenue streams while you’re at it. 

The Kolla difference

Kolla offers three products to help you build, distribute and collaborate.

KONNECT - simplify integrations

Konnect is an embedded integrations platform that allows you to build customer integrations at lightning pace. No need to start from scratch; we have dozens of pre-built connectors to major software providers that you can configure and let your customers link to in just a few minutes. 

Konnect manages your customers’ links to those software providers, including the token refresh process and authentication procedures for the various data flows across all systems. This frees up developers to build business logic for your integration instead of worrying about things like OAuth2 and how to store tokens securely.

MARKETPLACE - showcase integrations

Marketplace is a fully white-labeled integration marketplace that allows you to distribute your integrations to your customers, or show them off publicly to drive more traffic and sales. You can even charge money for premium integrations/apps.

PORTAL - innovate integrations

Portal is a developer portal-as-a-service. Imagine having your own developer portal similar to Slack or Zendesk, but without having teams of engineers to build and maintain it. Your customers or third-party developers can collaborate, build and publish their own integrations to your product. You can even allow developers to charge for their integrations/apps and take a cut like mobile app stores.

In short, Kolla makes it simple to launch and manage your entire integration ecosystem. 

If you’re ready to simplify your workload with the best integration platform on the market, schedule a free demo today.

One Unifed API for All Your Integrations

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