Quickly Connect to your Customers’ Software with Invite Links

Quickly Connect to your Customers’ Software with Invite Links

Clint Berry
Clint Berry
March 28, 2023

When building a new integration for your company it can be hard to get going. At Kolla one of our goals is making integrations 10x easier for developers. But even when using an integration platform like Kolla, getting started can still be daunting. Today we are launching a new feature to make getting started even easier: Customer Invite Links.


Invite Links let you generate a secure URL that opens the Konnect Marketplace in a browser window for authorizing integrations between your app and third-party software. What does this mean for you? You can connect to your customers’ third-party software without making any changes to your user experience or frontend code. You can do this right in the Kolla Admin Portal and send the link to your customer to connect their software.

How it works

Login to your Kolla Admin Portal and go to the Linked Accounts section. A new button is at the top right of the screen called Create Invite Link. Click it and fill in the same information you would when creating a consumer_token on your backend system. Click Generate Link and you will get the URL you can now send to that customer.

Generating an Invite Link in Kolla Admin Portal

Your Customers’ Experience

When your customer gets the link, they go to the URL and it opens up a page with the Konnect Marketplace. They follow the simple instructions to connect their software.

Your Customers' Experience using the Invite Link

That’s it! Now you have a linked account to that customer without writing a single line of frontend code!

Other Use Cases

Here are some other ways Invite Links can be super helpful:

  • You are trialing Kolla and want to use it without making front-end code changes
  • You want to start building and testing your new integration without doing any of the frontend code to start.
  • The person at your customer’s company that can approve this integration isn’t the same person with access to your software. For example: You built a new Slack integration and one of your customers, ABC software, uses your software and wants to install the new integration. The person that uses your software at ABC doesn’t have permissions to add new Slack integrations so they need someone from their IT department to do it. Now you can generate them an Invite Link that they can send to their IT team to finish the integration.

As always, let us know your thoughts at product@getkolla.com

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