Announcing Desktop Connectors

Announcing Desktop Connectors

Clint Berry
Clint Berry
May 10, 2023

Today we are excited to announce our new product: Desktop Connectors! Desktop connectors, you say? Are we going back to the 90’s? In some ways, yes! SMBs all over the world still use on-premise desktop software to power their businesses. From dental offices, to oil changing garages, to fly fishing shops, a huge percentage still install software directly to their computers to power their businesses. Many of these small businesses don’t get access to other great software because modern SaaS companies don’t integrate with their on-premise systems. But our mission at Kolla is to give small and medium businesses access to the best software possible, and so we are going to help them do just that!

How It Works

We built a simple desktop runtime that is flexible to work with virtually any on-premise system. We call it the Kolla Agent. The agent opens a private VPN connection from on-premise computers to our cloud servers. Then we have “components” for specific integrations to run on our agent. For instance, one of the first desktop connectors our customers needed was QuickBooks Point of Sale. (Even though Intuit has recently announced the discontinuation of all desktop products, many companies will be on these for years to come.) Our QuickBooks POS component allows Kolla customers to access their own customers’ data through our cloud proxy, right to their customers data on premise.

What’s Next

We are going to rapidly expand our desktop connector catalog with connectors in industries like dental, animal health, optometry, point of sale, and automotive. It’s time to give local businesses access to modern software!

If you are interested, we are in private beta and we are building new integrations all the time. If you have one you need, reach out!

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